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Ignatieva E.Iv., Gordeev K.E., Olencevich V.А. Aktual'nye zadachi racional'nogo podhoda k vyboru sredstv i sposobov krepleniya gruza na podvizhnom sostave [Сurrent tasks of rational approach to selection of means and methods of cargo attachment on rolling stock]. Molodaya nauka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2021, no. 1. [Accessed 07/06/21]

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Within the framework of the presented article, it is proposed to solve the problem aimed at improving the level of safety of the transportation process, the efficiency of using rolling stock and ensuring the safety of cargo by conducting a high-quality loading-placing-fastening procedure, which can negatively affect the cargo in the way. The authors analyzed the results of the Russian Railways transport and logistics unit on the basis of the presented data to realize the task. We studied the differentiated approach to the issues of placing and fixing the transported cargo on rolling stock of various types, as well as the Ishikawa diagram of the causes of violations of technical conditions governing the placement and attachment of goods in wagons and containers.

The use of a polyester tape system is proposed as one of the reliable means of securing goods when transported by rail. This method of fastening is an effective means, the use of which is possible in complex with other means of fastening. Comparative characteristics of different cargo attachment systems are given, such as wire, metal tape and wooden fasteners in comparison with polyester belts. In addition, a number of positive qualities of using this technology were identified, as well as types of cases of the most appropriate use of polyester tapes. Calculations were made of the time costs for the installation of cargo attachment using polyester belts, as a result of which a decrease in the amount of time spent on cargo attachment was calculated.

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