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Desyatnichenko K. V., Basova A. V. Rol' byudzhetnoy sistemy v obespechenii ekonomicheskoy bezopasnosti strany [The role of the budget system in ensuring the economic security of the country] Molodaya nauka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2021, no. 1. [Accessed 20/05/21]


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As a result of the study, the authors determined the importance of the budget system in ensuring the economic security of the state. The definition of the concept of "stability of the budget system", which is one of the fundamental factors in achieving the economic security of the country, is clarified. Ensuring the stability of the budget system is one of the priority goals of the state's budget policy. The analysis of the parameters for determining the balance of the federal budget is carried out. The authors studied the structure of the state debt of the Russian Federation and concluded that the current debt policy of the Government of the Russian Federation is aimed at increasing the domestic debt with relative stability of the external debt. The authors note that the main parameters of the stability of the budget system are the balance of budgets, the ratio and structure of budget revenues and expenditures, as well as measures aimed at reducing debt risks.

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