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Sementsova T.M., Stepanova I.A., Silicheva G.V. Problems of increasing the efficiency of sorting stations [Electronic resource] / T.M. Sementsova, I.A. Stepanova, G.V. Silicheva // Young science of Siberia: electron. scientific journal - 2020.- No. 1 (7) 2020. - Access mode: http://mnv.irgups.ru/toma/1(7) – 2020, free. - Zagl. from the screen. - Yaz. Russian, English [Date accessed: 05/07/2020].

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This article discusses the problems of increasing the efficiency of sorting stations, identifies the main reasons for the downtime of cars on station tracks. It is concluded that the increase in the turnover of wagons, which is partially connected with the transfer of the wagons of the inventory fleet to the management of private companies, in connection with which there is currently a need to regulate the relationship between carriers and operators at the legislative level. Measures are proposed to optimize the operation of marshalling yards. The methods of calculating the savings in operating costs from reducing the downtime of cars at stations are given. 

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