Topical Problems of Economic Security of EAEU Member States at the Present Stage

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Spinov A.A., Marchenko S.S. Aktual'nyye problemy ekonomicheskoy bezopasnosti stran-chlenov YEAES na sovremennom etape [Topical Problems of Economic Security of EAEU Member States at the Present Stage]. Molodaya nauka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2020, No. 2. Access mode:, free. Title from the screen. Languages: Russian, English [appeal date: 06.07.2020].

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УДК 330
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Recently, the issue of ensuring economic security has become relevant. The subject of the study is a young integration association, the Eurasian Economic Union.

Purpose. The aim of the work is to consider issues related to the principles of the Eurasian Economic Union and the goals of its creation, problematic issues that arise before member countries to protect their economic security and sovereignty. The perspective directions of ensuring the economic security of the Eurasian Economic Union in the context of the global economic crisis are disclosed.

Methodology. In the implementation of this article, general scientific methods have appeared as research tools: analysis and synthesis, detailing and generalization, historical, logical, and systemic approaches.

Result. As a result of the study, we revealed the history of creation, goals and principles of the Eurasian Economic Union. A clear definition of the concept of economic security of an integration association is given. The threats to the economic security of the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union at the present stage are examined in detail. How these threats have a negative impact on the formation of integration ties. Also, so that the Union develops harmoniously, and its existence becomes as relevant as possible now and in the future, as a result of the analysis of the current situation presented in the article, measures have been developed to neutralize threats related to economic security.

Conclusion. The findings of the study can be used by member states of the Eurasian Economic Union when making decisions related to minimizing the impact of threats on the economic security of a young integration association.

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