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Rozhkov I.I. Production and economic indicators that determine the efficiency of the complex operation and repair of track machines [Electronic resource] / I.I. Rozhkov // «Young Science of Siberia»: electron. scientific journals – 2019. – №5. – Access mode:, free. – Title from the screen. - Yaz. rus (the date of circulation 17.10.2019)

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A fundamental factor in optimizing the costs of railway networks are innovative technologies, the use of which can significantly reduce the complexity of production processes and increase turnaround times. To reduce the repair period the work is organized in such way that it implies the widespread use of a variety of machine systems, after which the stage is completely ready for the movement of trains with set speeds and with a full volume of freight. High performance of machine systems should be supported by the efficiency of technical means, which reduces the need for machines and increases their production. The article deals with the basic conditions for the transition of structural units of JSC "Russian Railways" to landfill technology, taking into account the tasks provided by the reform of the industry. Analyzed the technical capabilities of the fleet and the degree of use of machines in the break in train schedule. This analysis showed changes in the performance of annual tasks for the repair of the way by special complexes of machines and the average annual output of equipment, taking into account different productivity, which is an important direction of resource saving implementation. Organizational and technological measures are aimed at attracting a large complex of track machines in the implemented technological processes, in connection with which the question of effective use of high-performance track machines of heavy type arises, and outdated, inefficient machines must be decommissioned. Reduction of current costs due to the withdrawal of inefficient unproductive equipment, allows to strengthen the released teams of highperformance equipment, which is confirmed by the calculations of the normative number of staff and the economic effect, taking into account changes in the payroll. The results of the assessment of production and economic indicators prove the feasibility of creating a separate unit within the CDR to manage the mechanized complex for the operation and repair of track machines.

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