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R.R. Askarov. V.V. Kashkowsky, I.I. Tikhii Optimization of the system of technical operation of the freight wagon staff in organization of intensive through-route transportation. The electronic scientific journal "Young science of Siberia", 2020, no. 4(10). [Accessed 05/12/20] (in Russian).

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УДК 519.862.6
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Monitoring the operational work of railway rolling stock is carried out in order to increase the carrying capacity. The most important component of the freight transportation process is the quality of operation of the rolling stock (cars) and its timely repair. In this work considers a system for optimizing the technical operation of rolling stock during the organization of intensive end-to-end route transportation along the highway. The proper use and planning of the route dispatch system is of paramount importance to the company Russian Railways. The methodology for solving the problem is based on a systematic approach. The result of this work is based on the study of models of technical operation systems by the method of statistical modeling. To solve the problem and simulate systems, statistics we used on 2398 freight car failures with the last depot repair. For this type of carriage, a combined standard for the frequency of depot repair of freight cars are applied according to the “REGULATIONS on the system of maintenance and repair of freight cars approved for use on public railways in international traffic. According to Russian Railway № 2759-R of 29 December 2012. The real mileage of freight cars between rides at the depot is about 150 thousand kilometers. The main scientific and theoretical result of this work is a quantitative assessment of the total average daily departure of cars in uncoupling repairs of TR-2 during route transportation of the designed railway line and subject to the operation of cars according to the combined criterion

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