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Khaletskaya S.A., Balina E. E. Cifrovaya economica v period pandemii COVID-19 [Digital economy during the COVID-19 pandemic]. Molodaya nayka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2021. no. 2 [Accessed 04/08/2021].


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This article provides an assessment of the development of the digital economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Various aspects of the impact of the pandemic on the development of the digital economy are considered, how the pandemic became a catalyst for the digitalization of services, and also showed that there is a need for the population to use digital services. The article defines how digitalization improves people's lives, which areas of digitalization has a positive impact.

In the process of developing the article, theoretical aspects related to the definition of the digital economy, as well as the essence of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection pandemic, were considered. It also noted the impact of the digital economy as a whole on various spheres of people's life, as well as changes associated with the introduction of digitalization for various types of business. and industry. The article examines how the majority of enterprises and organizations, thanks to the pandemic, realized the importance of digitalization of production. The business pandemic has become a good example to focus on to ensure that businesses are prepared for emergencies. The article also determines that the digital economy is the future stage of development of the global economic system due to the transformation of all spheres of human activity under the influence of information and telecommunication technologies.

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