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Пулляков А.В., Соколова В.В. Анализ технических средств снижения остаточной неравномерности намагничивания рельсов и их влияния на устройства железнодорожной автоматики // Анализ технических средств снижения остаточной неравномерности намагничивания рельсов и их влияния на устройства железнодорожной автоматизации. Молодая наука Сибири: электронный научный журнал. 3 (9). [Доступ 07.10.20]

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656.259 : 62-533.8
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This article discusses the problems of failures of electric rail circuits and malfunctions in the operation of automatic locomotive signaling devices due to the negative impact of the residual uneven magnetization of rails and rail lashes. The classification of elements of railway transport, subject to magnetization and capable of adversely affecting the operation of the devices under consideration, is given. Based on the results of a patent search and the study of scientific and technical literature, an analytical review of the technical means used to demagnetize rails and rail lashes was carried out, both before laying on the way and after laying

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