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Shaikhetdinov R.A., Sokolovskii I.K., Kosenko S.A. Analiz otkazov elementov zheleznodorozhnogo puti, vliyaushchikh na skorosti dvizheniya poezdov na uchastkah P distantsii [Analysis of failures of railway elements affecting the speed of trains section of the P distance]. [Electronic resource] / R. A. Shaikhetdinov, I. K. Sokolovsky, S. A. Kosenko //«Young Science of Siberia»: electron. scientific journals – 2021. - № 2(12). – Access mode: free. - Title from the screen. - Yaz. Rus.

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УДК 625.1:629.4
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The research work is devoted to the analysis of failures of railway track elements that affect the speed of trains on the sections of the N distance. The description of the N-distance of the path, as well as its physical, geographical, technical and operational characteristics, is given. The expanded length of the main tracks, the operational length, as well as the length of station tracks, special tracks, and the length of straight and curved sections along the entire distance of the track were determined. The characteristics of the railway track are presented: the type of rails, the type of fasteners, the type of sleepers, the material of the ballast layer, the type and brand of switches. The analysis of failures of railway track elements for the entire distance relative to the first and second tracks was performed based on data from the list of valid warnings for 2020.

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