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Karaulova A.V., Bazilevskiy M.P. Application of regression analysis in solving real technical problems // The electronic scientific journal "Young science of Siberia", 2020, no. 3(9). [Accessed 20/10/20]

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The article is devoted to the review of articles on the application of regression analysis in the technical sphere of the modern world. Consider the following model: model that reflects the relationship of characteristics of the processed material and technological conditions of laser hardening depth of the surface layer; model density imitation lard; the duration model mixer from the residue (s) in the preparation of grain mixture in the production of feeds; the model for calculating the flash point in closed crucible (TWST); a model of the influence of operating conditions on the surface temperature of an automobile generator; a model used in the development of a new technology for high-volume combined yarn using microwave currents; a model for monitoring train schedules according to the criterion of energy efficiency; a model that helps to ensure the accuracy of the shape of holes during finishing milling; a model for determining rational design parameters of a grooved roll. Almost all the models studied are nonlinear. Based on the analysis of the sources considered, it was concluded that the authors do not pay much attention to their complexity when constructing models

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