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Merkulova I.P. Multimodal transportation in Russia: experience, problems, prospects [Electronic resource] / I.P. Merkulova // Young Science of Siberia: electron. scientific journals – 2018. – №2. – Access mode: http://mnv.irgups.ru/toma/22–2018, free. The title. from the screen. – Lang. Russ. English. (date accessed: 20.12.2018)

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This article discusses the main problems of multimodal transport in Russia and ways to solve these problems. The article identifies the following main problems: the problem of poor development of the transport infrastructure, the problem of coordinating the work of various types of transport during multimodal transportation, the problem of legal regulation, as well as customs procedures. To solve the above problems, it is proposed to: create hub multimodal transport and logistics centers, use advanced digital technologies, approve Federal law, simplify customs procedures. The experience of Russia in these shipments and the prospects for development are noted.

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