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Tyunkov V.V. Technological algorithm in the prospective constructive development of railway freight cars of 1520 mm gauge [Electronic resource] / V.V. Tyunkov, V.S. Buzunova, A.E. Pashkov // "Young science of Siberia": electron. scientific journal, 2020. no. 4.

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The goal is to provide constructive and technological support for the optimization shift in the configuration solution of freight cars with a gauge of 1520 mm. Multi-factorial influence prevents intensive reformatting of design solutions for almost all Assembly units, as well as internal kinematics in the process of high-speed traffic, especially in curves of small radius and complicated mountain-pass sections of highways. The authors propose the solution of the problem and the corresponding tasks, which is achieved by the fact that under the proposed rationalization in the car-the platform that is used primarily for containers, changes are made to the manufacturing process and subsequent operation, including the power setting of parts of subassemblies stresses are opposite in sign maintenance as well as some precomposition, including domantai (for example, connection via pin – adapter) additional intermediate trucks in the middle part of the supporting frame of the car with the aim of increasing the number of wheel pairs of the car-platform, under load.

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