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Olencevich A. A., Ignatyeva E.I., Gromyshova S.S. Tekhnicheskie i ekonomicheskie preimushchestva ekspluatacii innovacionnogo podvizhnogo sostava s povyshennoj gruzopod"emnost'yu [Technical and economic advantages of operating innovative rolling staff with increased loading capacity]. Molodaya nauka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2020, no. 4. [Accessed 22/12/20]

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This article discusses the need for methodical work to develop customer focus, which identifies the need to study the principles and foundations of organizing work with external and internal customers, as well as their adaptation to the activities and scale of the Russian Railways holding company. The experience of large Russian and foreign holdings has been studied, and the key principles of developing customer focus have been analyzed in detail and the necessary measures have been developed to implement them. The advantages of a new type of rolling stock are highlighted and its main indicators and characteristics are named.

The main directions of increasing the productivity of freight cars are considered on the example of the Irkutsk-Cement enterprise, which has expressed a desire to replace the existing hopper cars with new generation hopper cars. Calculations and comparison of options for the transportation of goods by various types of rolling stock are carried out, as well as the main criteria for choosing the type of rolling stock. The economic justification of the feasibility of replacing the type of rolling stock for the transportation of cement is highlighted. A conclusion was made about the need for the enterprise to switch to a new rolling stock, and the main characteristics, according to which the enterprise would receive improvements as a result of implementation, were analyzed.

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