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Krakovsky Y. M., Hoang N. A. Issledovaniye effektivnosti remontnykh rabot zheleznodorozhnoy infrastruktury na osnove strakhovogo fonda The electronic scientific journal "Young science of Siberia", 2020, no. 4(10). [Accessed 21/12/20] (in Russian)

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Research has been carried out on the efficiency of the repair work of the railway infrastructure in the presence of an insurance fund used for the accumulation and use of payments. Payments are received with different frequency and cost for performing various types of repair work: current, emergency and major. In the future, the insurance fund is used as necessary to pay for these works. It is proposed to describe the state of the fund on the basis of a special risk process. The use of this process made it possible to obtain mathematical support for indicators of repair work efficiency in the form of resource-cost and financial risks. A modeling program based on an event-based approach has been created to model and study these indicators. Computational experiments with this program allowed us to draw practically important conclusions that, at a minimum of risk values, preference should be given to the option when the excess of the revenue side over the expenditure side is carried out at the expense of the initial annual funds, the share of payments should depend on the type of repair work, and the frequency of payments should depend from mathematical expectations of time intervals between types of work

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