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Sementsova T.M. Protection of railway automation and telemechanics devices from overvoltages [Electronic resource] / T.M. Sementsova, I.A. Stepanova, N.P. Astashkov // Young science of Siberia: electron. scientific journal – 2020. – No. 1(7) 2020. – Access mode:, free. – Zagl. from the screen. – Yaz. Russian, English (Date of access: 24.03.2020)

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This article discusses the problem of protecting alarm devices, centralization and blocking from atmospheric and switching overvoltages. Failures and failures in their work become the cause of train stops, which leads to significant economic losses. The article analyzes the causes of their occurrence. The working principle of protective grounding is considered, as well as zones of protection against lightning strikes are highlighted. Methods of protecting railway automation and telemechanics devices from overvoltages with the aim of practical implementation of the event proposed as part of the article are determined. 

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