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Bulokhova Т. A., Gud Yu. O., Olencevich V.А. Optimizaciya ekspluatacionnoj raboty ob"ekta transportnoj infrastruktury Vostochnogo poligona s cel'yu povysheniya ego propusknoj sposobnosti [Оptimization of operational work of the transport infrastructure object of the Eastern range with the purpose of increasing its capacity]. Molodaya nauka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2020, no. 4. [Accessed 30/12/20]

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Today the situation on the market of goods and transport services is such that there is a Russian manufacturer, there is a foreign effective demand, but it is impossible to sell, since it is impossible to export. In 2020, according to expert estimates, more than 10 million tons of non-export were recorded at the Eastern landfill. This transport corridor is in great demand by shippers, its capacity is chronically lacking. The limiting factor in the development of the BAM and Transsib in recent years is not the lack of financial flows or income, but the obvious lack of construction capacities involved there. However, we must not forget that point technological solutions without significant costs in the short term will also increase the throughput and carrying capacity of the Far East direction.

As for the proposals for optimizing the operation of the Eastern landfill, they primarily relate to the section of the Irkutsk-Sortirovochny - Slyudyanka railway line, because this section is the limiting element of the Transsib railway infrastructure due to many factors: a complex track profile, the use of pushing technology, limited track development, and heavy passenger traffic.

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