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Olencevich A. A., Ignatyeva E.I., Komarov A.V. Povyshenie klientoorientirovannosti sistemy firmennogo transportnogo obsluzhivaniya OAO «RZHD» [Increasing the client-oriented system of branded transport service of JSC "RZD"]. Molodaya nauka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2020, no. 4. [Accessed 22/12/20]

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Development of new methods and measures to improve the quality of services provided increases the company's competitiveness and takes it to a new level. This article examines the concept of customer focus from the point of view of a completely new strategy of anti-crisis management of a company, which provides the Russian Railways holding with additional opportunities and advantages. The advantages of a customer-oriented approach in the company and new options for providing quality service are identified. On the example of the East Siberian shopping center, the structure and range of services was studied, methods were proposed to improve the conditions for servicing customers by expanding the "line" of services provided, changing the approach to the service process, and criteria for assessing the quality of work. An aspect analysis of the main directions of the technical and operational state of customer focus indicators was carried out based on the dynamics of monthly loading on the TCFTO aircraft for 2018-2019. The main factors influencing the client-orientedness of the ES TCFTO and the distribution according to the degree of significance, identified by building and studying the Ishikawa diagram and the cause-effect diagram, are highlighted. Measures to improve financial and economic stability are proposed.

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