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Zheleznyak V.N. Ensuring the safety of rolling stock movement in the "locomotive-wagon-way" system in mountainous terrain [Electronic resource] / V.N. Zheleznyak, M,G. Kuskov, Yu.V. Kryuchkova, L.V. Martynenko, A.O. Panfilova // "Young science of Siberia": electron. scientific journal – 2020. – № 2(8). – Access mode:, free. – Zagl. from the screen. – Yaz. Russian, English (date of the application 13.07.2020)

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. The transport system of the Russian Federation is an integral part of the industrial and social infrastructure that ensures its territorial integrity and national security. Railway transport within Russia plays a key role in social and economic development, performing about 85% of cargo turnover and more than 37% of passenger turnover.

At present, there is an increase in cargo turnover in all sectors of the country for this purpose, it is necessary to solve the issues of increasing capacity. The growth of freight rolling stock transportation is closely related to the increase in the number of wagons and their modernization.

Replacing an outdated fleet of railcars with innovative ones will increase the indicators of consumer quality; load capacity; delivery speed; and labor intensity of loading and unloading operations.

The increase in transportation operations has led to a whole range of problems that have led to an increase in derailments and crashes on the Russian railway network, and in particular on the VSZHD and the Eastern polygon. To solve the above-mentioned problems, the research work suggests measures aimed at improving the safety of rolling stock movement through the rational use of information removed from the complex of running (train) experimental laboratories of the VSZHD: traction and power; measurement; brake testing; "wheel pairs and a box unit".

The article considers the interaction of the "locomotive–wagon–way" system, which assesses the technical condition of objects in operation on the VSZHD and ensures the safety of rolling stock movement. Monitoring is carried out by running (train) regular car laboratories, which monitor the state of the entire system before the derailment and after the event. In this article, we propose to improve the method of disclosure of gatherings, their physical essence, for example, the mountain-pass sections of the Eastern polygon and the VSZHD in particular.

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