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Beryozova A. A., Sokolovskii I. K. Analiz defektnosti elementov verkhnego stroyeniya puti na N distantsii [Defectiveness analysis of track superstructure elements at H distance]. [Electronic resource] / A. A. Berezova, I. K. Sokolovsky //«Young Science of Siberia»: electron. scientific journals – 2021. - № 2(12). – Access mode: free. - Title from the screen. - Yaz. Rus.

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УДК 625.143
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The research work is devoted to the analysis of the defectiveness of the elements of the upper structure of the track at the H distance. The analysis of the state of the continuous welded track is carried out. The physical-geographical, climatic, operational and technical characteristics of the path distance are given. The deployed track lengths, as well as the operational length, have been determined. The main type of rails, the type of intermediate rail fastenings, the ballast layer, the type of turnouts at the infrastructure distance have been established. The staff of the N track distance is presented. An analysis of the defectiveness of rails at the Ob-K section was carried out. The data of the replaced defective rails at this section of the distance for the period from 2019 to 2020 are presented.

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