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Rodina А.A., Vlasova A. N., Olencevich V.A. Primenenie tekhnologii avtomaticheskogo upravleniya poezdom [Application of automatic traincontrol technology]. Molodaya nauka Sibiri: ehlektronnyj nauchnyj zhurnal [Young science of Siberia: electronic scientific journal], 2021, no. 1. [Accessed 31/05/21]

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The requirements imposed on transport companies in terms of speed and safety of cargo delivery are steadily increasing. The article presents an overview of current trends in the Russian cargo transportation market. The paper considers the current state of unmanned railway vehicles. The article analyzes the domestic approach to the use of unmanned systems and the directions of its further development, the introduction of digital projects on the Russian railway network and the requirements for automated train control systems. The article forms an information base for generating, evaluating and selecting the most effective options for using automated train control systems and unmanned systems in solving problems of ensuring the throughput and processing capacity of railway transport infrastructure facilities.

The use of an automated railway transport management system will maximize the degree of accounting for the amount of electricity consumed by electric locomotives, increase the service life of traction motors, reduce train delays, and reduce the travel interval. Studies have shown that energy savings will be up to 15%. The electronic system will provide a solution to the problems of the railway situation of any degree of complexity independently, without human intervention. The analysis made it possible to identify the positive and negative aspects of the automated traffic management system.

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