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Zheleznyak V.N. Analysis of identifying the causes of malfunctions of freight car axle units [Electronic resource] / V.N. Zheleznyak, M.G. Kushkov, L.V. Martynenko // "Young science of Siberia": electron. scientific journal – 2020. – № 2(8). – Access mode:, free. – Zagl. from the screen. – Yaz. Russian, English (date of the application 13.07.2020)

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The article deals with the reasons for uncoupling freight cars due to faults in the box unit for the services of the carriage economy for the period 2018-2020. traffic Safety largely depends on the technical condition of this node. Taking into account the influence of operating conditions is crucial and important for assessing the reliability of freight cars with maximum load (ugolnik). One of the factors of force influence on the components and parts of the car is, in particular, the vertical load that is transmitted to the axle unit with bearings (radial or cassette). In the conditions of sharp temperature changes in the autumn–winter period on the entire Eastern polygon, the reliability of the plastic lubricant in the bux (Buxol, LZ-tsni), significantly depends on its increased water saturation (flooding). The presence of a sprayed water fraction dramatically changes the coefficient of friction, exerts a force load on the separator with frequent destruction, and leads to jamming of the bearing. It should be remembered that the load acting on the axle box Assembly, among other things, depends on the longitudinal, lateral and vertical forces transmitted from the auto–coupling device to the pyatnikovo-podpyatnikovyj node and the axle box. In the research work, a set of measures was carried out to assess the serviceability of axle boxes on wheel pairs removed from the derailment. It shows the defects of axle boxes that are detected in operation. The spectral analysis of samples of lubricant taken in the autumn–winter–spring period from the axle units of wheel pairs of freight cars received in the uncoupling according to the indications of the KTSM equipment was carried out.

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