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Астраханцева А.С., Щапова Ю.А. Актуальные проблемы развития транспортной отрасли региона [Электронный ресурс] / А. С. Астраханцева, Ю.А. Щапова // Молодая наука Сибири: электрон. науч. журн. – 2021. – № 1(11) 2021. – Режим доступа:, свободный. – Загл. с экрана. – Яз. рус., англ. (дата обращения: 19.04.2021).

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The transport is a main chain of all the economic processes. It helps transport passengers and freights; ensures uninterrupted production; provides getting all the goods and services in time. But in many ways, it is the transport system has lots of problems, which cause uneven functioning of all sectors of economy. The text touches upon the rhetorical problems of the regional transport systems development. Special attention is paid to transport infrastructure and its condition at the regional level. The influence of the investments in transport sector is described.

The impact of the level of the development of the regional transport system to the standards of living is proven. The transport affordability including the variation of this term in multimodal transportation are considered. Efficient transport combinations reduce logistics costs and avoid the problems along the way which related to delayed delivery and cargo safety.

The article discusses the actual problems the participants in economic relations: government, business, consumers – face with. An alternative option for organizing transport activities at the enterprise is described and the lack of results from its implementation is argued.

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